Friday, November 6, 2009

Announcing the New Babbage News Digest

At the promptings of Mr. Tenk to make myself useful, I've taken the wiki project up.

The Task: turn the bewildering swirl of storytelling in New Babbage into one continuous story.

I fully sympathize with those who choose not to read the Ning or sift through twitters and bloggers.

Sadly, it is the nature of our environment that only a handful of people may participate or witness events that are of interest to a much larger group of people. When the stories are good, the events are buried in the Ning as fast as they are posted, and a person who is a away for even a few days can completely loose track of a story he was following.

I will not pretend to be interested in all of your stories, some are so far outside of my interests that I have trouble reading the entries. I would hope people would get into the habit of updating signifigant events, even with a simple line item statement of an event which happened in world that was interesting or propels a plot. If you have used the blogs or forums to further flesh out the event, if you would be so good as to include a link to further reading, we would all appreciate it.

The Current Events page of the Wiki is now organized into a news digest so everyone may read it without the onerous task of mining the Ning. Tenk spent a couple hours indexing the past week of blogs, the volume was more than he expected. Hopefully others will follow up with maintaining their stories on the News Digest.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Haul Out

Now that the zombies were put in their graves again, I decided to have my ship hauled out for an overdue bottom scraping and repairs. My former rooms at Bolyai had been rented out a pair of priests, so Tenk invited me to stay in the the city hall clocktower with him until the job was done. I had my reservations about this, seeing the flimsy shack clinging precariously to the side of the tower, but Form required me to go up and make a show of it. I took my bedroll and a few essentials from the ship after I saw her securely into the cradles and made my way to City Hall.

Tenk was up in the clock, literally, wiping the soot from each gear with a freshly oiled rag. He was beside himself with pleasure over his beloved machine. That is to say, he was insufferable.

"I've finally fixed her," he said, beaming proudly. "I knew she just needed a little care. She hasn't missed a second for weeks."

I stood closer to the small stove and rummaged about for tea, something to take the chill off the morning, then settled in to watch Tenk work. He sat and wiped the groove of a bevel gear as each tooth became exposed from its brother gear, chattering aimlessly about his long battle with the clock.

"hrm," he muttered. "This shaft always walks itself out. Just tap it back into place..."

He gently put the head of his wrench on the shoulder of the bevel gear, and gave the butt of the handle a bump with the blade of his hand. The gear and shaft assembly nudged back into place with an audible click...

And then the clock stopped.

Tenk blinked. His face went pale for an instant, then livid red.

"IT WAS PERFECT!" he yelled.

Quickly he stomped over to the bench and took a oiled bundle down from the shelf. He unrolled his tools to the table and began working on the tempermental old clock. It was time to find better lodging.

"I'll bring back a sandwich," I said over my shoulder as the elevator arrived. If I was reading him right, it would be several days before he would be in a mood to talk again.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I've been looking forward to my weekly run to New Babbage and settling into a comfortable pub in Clockhaven while waiting for new cargo, so I was a bit concerned when I got into the city and noticed everyone was carrying arms. I dropped to the street as someone yelled "down!" just in time to hear the blast of a shotgun from a doorway. When I looked up, a woman was down to the right of me, a red splatter on the cobblestones where her head used to be. The man with the shotgun quickly ushered me inside and explained the situation. A zombie plague was loose in the city.

Something had gone very wrong. I had to find Tenk.

He wasn't far. The Red Rum Cave was a favorite haunt of his, some even called it the real mayor's office. An old place with a low ceiling from a less nourished time. He often drank there with the stout mining folk when they were in town. I never liked the place, I always felt I couldn't stand up straight in there without knocking my head on the rafters.

Tenk was standing inside waiting for his evening breakfast, worrying bits of flash off the jaws of his favorite spanner with the thick nail of his thumb. He leaned the spanner against the post of the high stool and did a neat vault into a sitting position at the bar as the barman brought up a cold board meal. He nodded to me as he began eating and I settled awkwardly onto the stool next to him and ordered a sherry.

"Baroque! In town long this time? Here, have some food, I'm famished from all the roadwork."

I studied his face. Tenk had changed. He did not look well. Not at all like the cantankerous little man I was used to. He went on, waving his free hand.

"I'd like you to check some numbers for me, I can't seem to make them come out right."

Now I knew something was wrong. His numbers were never off. Then I noticed the fresh bandage on his hand. "Tenk! Your hand!"

The barman stopped his work and looked wide-eyed at the bandage and reached under the counter for his rifle. Tenk stopped eating in mid bite and looked about.

"What?" asked Tenk.

We both looked pointedly the bandaged hand.

Tenk looked quizzical as his raised his hand.


We nodded.

"It’s a burn. I was over at the foundry with Henry last night and got splashed with some flash. Figure those odds. Hurt like hell. "

The barman leveled the barrel of his rifle at Tenk's forehead. "Let's see it."

Tenk scowled and unwound the linen strip, showing a cluster of clean red blisters on the back of his hand. Satisfied it was not a sign of infection, the barman lowered his rifle and poured us all a round.

Tenk hopped down and angrily rewrapped his hand. He picked up his wrench and clipped it onto his belt, and headed for the door. "Fine," he stormed. "You two can barricade yourself in here for the night. I have clocks to wind. Good night. I hope you have enough ammunition."

We watched him disappear into the fog behind the hostel. There really is no reasoning with him once his ire is up, but he would be over it by morning. I was more concerned with his request. As long as I have known him, his numbers were never off.

…to be continued.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Zombies in the sandbox

New Babbage acquired a tenth sim from GeneCo, the famous organ bank. I suppose I should not have been surprised at the zombies that appeared after the terraforming started. The usual highjinx will continue for the coming week.

19 lots of new land are available.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drinking at the Gangplank

Drinking at the Gangplank

I have become master of a tramp steamer, making runs throughout the steamlands. Clockhaven has these great little taverns. Stop in if you are in the neighborhood.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

photos from Armada burn

we watched with the fatalism of sailors

After the usual delays, here are my photos from the Armada build burn. This was a spectacular event and by the ever creative Armadans as they said goodbye to the original 1.0 and cleared the sim for restructuring under Captain Rem.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Loki Eliot goes to the fair

Loki Eliot's presentation of the New Babbage RFL campsite

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Visit Mars. This weekend only on the RFL track in Second Life. You can walk through the glass to get off the track and onto the red, breathers are advised.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Armada Breakaway is not for sale

May all the powers that look over such endeavors be with Captain Thursday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Armada Breakaway for sale

Armada Breakaway is for sale. Details on the Armada Ning

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fall of Obolenskidonia

The Battle for New Babbage

Reports are still trickling in of last night's naval engagement that saw the final liberation of New Babbage from Dr. Obolenky's occupation force. Until all rumors are verified, click below to find an excellent set of pictures documenting the story as it unfolded.

and here

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Machinimist Lainy Voom

Lainy Voom makes incredible machinima shorts in Second Life. Take a look!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I miss Moss.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Babbage #8

planning #8

Mr. Tenk announced that he will be taking reservations on the next New Babbage expansion starting today at SLT noon. The new sim will be an harbor, and provides a set up for the area of town to be known as the Old Quarter, an eastern expansion of the Vernian sea, and completion of the palisade wall. You can see at preview model at the eastern end of the seawall in Port Babbage.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Ducks. The lastest offering from the machinematic eyes of Sprocketwood. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loki Eliot at Armada

Young master Loki turns his machinimatic eye on Armada Breakaway. Very clever camera work during the ship battle!

Sorry I did not catch this one sooner.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's all fun and games 'til someone calls their lawyer

Consider Steelhead. Nestled on the Oregon coast, it boasts pristine blue sky, towering redwood trees, and is run by the tallest elf on the grid.

Now consider New Babbage. Somewhere on the edge of a cold northern sea, known for its sooty grey skies, belching smokestacks, and is run by the shortest elf on the grid.

A while back there was a harmless bit of roleplay in New Babbage. It seems the evil mustache twirler Dr. Obolensky hired some sky pirates to carpet bomb the city with "reality enforcement devices." The citizens scrambled, the people of magical heritage got headaches, the pirates were captured, interrogated and run out of town. Nice weekend rp, end of story, right?


What happened next became an international incident. With Lawyers.

Miss Eugenia Burton, a djinn of Steelhead, mysteriously stripped of supernatural powers from the incident, called her lawyer. Click through the following to read the details:

Miss Burton solicits the citizenry of New Babbage for injured parties. Some tension as she comes face to face with the practiced poker face of the NB roleplayer.

Forrelle Brook, a rl law professor, writes up a complaint in legalese.

Magdalena Kamenev is recruited to serve papers to Dr. Obolensky at the Steamfitters ball.

The citizens of New Babbage and Steelhead respond, each in their own distinct civic voice.

Dr. Obolensky replies to the charges.

Will Doc O be extridited to Steelhead?
Is this case actually going to go to trial?
What about the elves?
Tune in to the New Babbage and Steelhead Ning watch how this story develops.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sally-Ann Fail

Suppose I ask you to do me a favor.

Now, it seems to me that I would be quite unreasonable to assume that you knew the names of my alts, in order to extend the favor to them also.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Armada Breakaway to host Egg Hunt Easter Sunday

Armada hold first all hands meeting

It has been a month since the strange ragged flotilla-city of Armada appeared in the void southeast of the Vernian Sea, and it has become a build like no other. Today saw the Four call together their first all hands meeting, a real milestone. Click through for more photos of the meeting. Armada is home to pirates, urchins, a robust mer community, and an eerie group of surgically altered denizens known as the Remade.

Tomorrow will see an Egg Hunt in its narrow jumbled corridors and even down to the sea floor. Baskets and prizes will be provided, and if the people of Armada are anything like the people of New Babbage, the prizes could be quite generous.

You should go.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Build Contest - Sundials

New Babbage seems to be very fond of building contests. For April, the item is a sundial or other type of celestial clock. Judging will be prior to the Evolutionary Ball on April 25th at Piermont Landing, southwest Wheatstone Waterways. Contact Breezy Carver inworld for information on how to enter and place your clock. Cash prizes to be announced.

Clicky through to Ning page

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Loki's latest

Another kino released today from young master Loki. Enjoy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Can you build a Honking Big Machine by Friday? Cash prizes and gaudy ribbons await you.


Mr. Tenk called me over to New Babbage last night to model his entry into the tacky tourist souvenier competition. Happily, I had an oxygen bottle waiting back at the embassy in Penzance.

The competitions are open to any resident of "The Steamlands," not just New Babbage. Entries must be received by midnight Friday for judging on Saturday. Here are the full descriptions:

The Oiling Festival is about maintenance, and oilers get very dirty. Submit photos of yourself getting down and dirty with your machines on a prim flat, no more than 2x3m and set on the walls inside Tamomah Hall. All objects should be mod and set to move by anyone. One entry per person.
Prizes: First L$ 2000, Second L$500, Third L$250

Wheatstone Waterways needs new bridges. Can you build them? Bridges will be built in place along designated canals, look for build zone signs. Bridges will allow passage of ironclads with a minimum 5m clearance to waterline. Build full perm, fully linked, set for movement by anyone, and linked to a central prim to keep it out of the private parcels that border the canals. There are types of bridge needed, depending the sides of the canals: both high, both low, or mixed. One entry per person per height. Winning entrant does not necessarily win contract to build new bridges. Builds not adhering to New Babbage covenant (in theme, no fullbright, etc) will be removed.
Prizes: First L$ 4000, Second L$2000, Third L$1000

There's a certain sense of awe one gets when watching a monumental engine go through its paces - whether it's the massive pistons of an ocean liner's engine room or the elegant, massive power of a beam engine pumping water. So build one - it does't matter what it does, but it should move, be noisy, and be huge. We anticipate more entrants than space available. Potential entrants will enter a lottery by submitting their name via notecard to Mosseveno Tenk. Staging areas will be assigned to winners of the lottery. Entrants will place their objects starting Midnight, Thursday March 26, for judging on Saturday. Final build will fit on a 24x24m pad and be no more than 100 prims.
Sponsors: Aeolus Cleanslate, Trilobyte Zanzibar and BlackOpal Designs.
Prizes $5000/3000/1500.

The Jack is a small flag that will identify a class of ship sailing under the New Babbage colors for the purpose of international war games, that is, this flag will let the Imperial Navy of Caledon know that your ship is fair game to fire upon, and vice versa. Submit design on an appropriately sized non-flexi prim flat, full perm, and submit to Mosseveno Tenk for staging. Judges will not know who the entrants are. Display area is the top floor of Bow Street Train Station. Two entries per person. Winning entry will become property of the Mosseveno Tenk and the City-State of New Babbage texture library.
Prizes: First L$ 2000, Second L$500, Third L$250

New Babbage has always been popular with tourists, so I believe it is time to stock a freebie shop with tacky trinkets. This could be a scary contest. Wearable items will be displayed vendor style on a one prim flat. Leave your objects at the old post office at Bolyai Plaza, with full perms and permission to move. By entering, you accept that all entries may become property of Mosseveno Tenk and the City-State of New Babbage inventory and may ultimately end up on a freebie cart (this is negotiable).
Prizes: First L$ 2000, Second L$500, Third L$250

There has been a request for a New Babbage tartan. Contestants will send their entry as a full perm 512 texture to Edward Pearse for staging. Landed NB residents will vote on the entries without knowing who the creators are. Limit 5 entries per person. Winning entry will become property of Mosseveno Tenk and the City-State of New Babbage texture library and be authorized for use by tailors and seamstresses.
Prizes: First L$2000, Second L$500, Third L$250

When visitors arrive in our City, they should be greeted by the best we have to offer. A place for tickets, posters, the walking tour HUD, the welcome kit, a copy of the Cog, freebie souvenirs - all in a handsome kiosk that fits with the theme of the City. Winning entry will become a permanent fixture of New Babbage. Staging area: south of the Central Train Station in Babbage Square. Sponsor: Aeolus Cleanslate. Prizes $2000/500/250.

Urban clutter is the Stuff that is left out to make the city look lived in. We need new Stuff: crates of import and export (what DO we export anyways?), pallettized goods, construction debris, scrap metal, barrels, waterfront fixtures, park benchs, cans of the famous chowder, let your imagination run with it. Items will be set out on the lower seawall in front of Gaslight Emporium, full perm, and set to move by anyone. By entering, you accept that your entries may become property of Mosseveno Tenk and the City State of New Babbage for use in an inventory library.
Prizes: First L$ 2000, Second L$500, Third L$250

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oiling Festival to open this weekend

New Babbage is gearing up for their annual spring holiday when industry comes to a grinding halt to allow for machine maintenence.

Saturday, March 21 - Competitions open
Sunday - R.F. Burton Library opening "Past Futures" 2-4pm
Tuesday - Oil Changing Party at Radio Riel New Babbage, 2-3pm and 8-9pm
Tuesday - announcement of Honking Big Machine lottery results
Thursday - Games Night at Cocoa Java Cafe, 5-7pm
Friday - Honking Big Machine display, competitions close at midnight
Saturday - competition judging
Saturday evening - Steamfitter's Industrial Gold Themed Ball (RFL kickoff) 6-9pm
Sunday - Kite Festival and placing of ribbons

Event and competition descriptions are available from any Oiling Festival poster.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Babbage builds first official embassy


Bob Streeter and Viv Trafalgar were on hand for the official opening of the New Babbage embassy in Armada. The understated yet distinctive design of this cutting edge avante garde build is sure to cause a stir among the diplomatic community. It should be noted that the New Babbage flag which was raised was quickly stolen in the excitement and hubub of the opening ceremony, most likely added to the colorbag of a local captain.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Babbage expands

View from the new backyard

Early rising New Babbagés found a surprise in their back yards- a new sim. After some hasty work with flamethrowers and industrial strength herbicides, the locks were opened to fill the newly dug canals. The Clockwinder has declared "Number Seven" to be an unrestricted sandbox until Tuesday night. All denizens of the Steamlands are welcome to share the boon.

Friday, February 27, 2009

New Babbage swears in Second Mayor.

The crowd gathers under rain and lag

Last Sunday, an impressive crowd gathered under lag and rain to witness the swearing in of the Clockwinder of New Babbage. Click through for full transcript.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday morning in New Babbage

Residents of Caledon and Winterfell stopped by La Noisette Bakery in Babbage Square for early morning pancakes to give them strength for a long hard day of Mardi Gras debauchery. The urchins of New Babbage will hold a pancake flipping race at 3pm SLT.

Now I really need to go to IHoP. Later.

Saturday, February 14, 2009



"Well Moss," said Sprocket. "You know what happened to the man who got everything he ever wanted?"

The little clockwinder looked at his mismatched boots and shook his head.

"He lived happily ever after."

"But I wasn't supposed to win..."

"Now I really feel like Willy Wonka. I even found a Charlie."


And that is how the story of the New Babbage elections ended.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A most scandalous portrait

While going through the morning mail, I found a most shocking daguerrotype of a young woman who had covered herself in equations, and nothing else. Obviously, the deluded young creature must have been attempting a ploy to gain Mayor Tenk's attention, as it is known that I conduct his business while he is at his maths.

Mr. Tenk, in his wisdom, told me frame it and send it to Caledon as a gift of friendship from New Babbage.

Monday, February 2, 2009

In which we pause to geek

Snippet of conversation overheard this morning.

[6:09]yep. i gave him the BEST name i had, and he goes and becomes a poncy useless dandy with it. he was supposed to be a sullen space pirate. what the heck happened to him?
[6:10] hahaha but he can be a dandy and a hero! they all are!
[6:16] Hmm. curious. i appear to be the dwarf engineer, the best friend character. never really thought of that before.
[6:17] i shall refrain from psychological revue of that statement :)
[6:18] ah, go ahead. i'm geeking now
[6:19] heheh you sooo wanted to be there beside the captain, but your inner self doubts you could be the captain, or has more sense than want the responsibilty... Mr Mayor :D
[6:19] *grin* oooh, you're good!
[6:20] the dwarf built his life's dream, the mighty space cruiser Arcadia, but he needed a captain for her.
[6:20] oh really?
[6:20] so he found a disgraced star captain in a skid row bar
[6:21] ah no way!
[6:21] way! its a great story
[6:21] so the engineer is the true hero?
[6:21] he gets killed eventually, but becomes the alpha geek when he manages to upload his soul into the ship's mainframe
[6:21] oh man i'm going to have to torrent all this

Um, damn. I guess so. I've never denied being an alt.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mayor Elect Tenk

Mr. Tenk has won the New Babbage election by one vote over Aeolus Cleanslate. There will be a dance in New Babbage tonight at 6pm SLT so all parties involved can blow off some steam, should be a party.

A tip of the hat to Frau Annechen Lowey for the spectacular attire she made in support of her candidate. That outfit realy does deserve to win something. But I'm not sure what....

Frau Lowey supports her candidate

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Candidate Debates

While nominations for Mayor of New Babbage end tomorrow, the three extant candidates jumped the gun and held their final debate last night. Witness:

Friday, January 23, 2009

2 days of peace in Babbage? Yes, really!

A very strange thing happened in New Babbage on Thursday.

The bickering stopped. Flat out stopped.

It started with a tread discussing avatar development. Then someone posted a photo of their real face. Then another. And another.

The thread grew to over 20 pages.

It was eerie.

They unmasked.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Election updates

Over in New Babbage, election season continues to grind on the nerves of the citizenry. As of this writing, candidates are the outsider Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Babbage newcomer and entrepeneur Aeolus Cleanslate, and the reclusive clockwinder Mosseveno Tenk, finally down from his attic.

If you are not familiar with P.E.M. jokes, you may wish to take a look here.
My favorite one goes like this:

Psychologists subject an engineer, a physicist, and a topologist to an experiment: Each of them is locked in a room for a week -- hungry, with a single can of tuna fish but without an opener; all they have is pencil and paper.

At the end of the day, the psychologists open the engineer's room first. Pencil and paper are unused, but the walls of the room are covered with dents. The engineer is sitting on the floor and eating from the open can: He threw it against the walls until it cracked open.

The physicist is next. The paper is covered with formulas, there is one dent in the wall, and the physicist is eating, too. He calculated how exactly to throw the can against the wall, so that it would crack open.

When the psychologists open the topologists's room, the paper is also full of formulas, the can is still closed, and the mathematician has disappeared. But there are strange noises coming from inside the can...

Someone gets an opener and opens the can. The topologist, covered in tuna fish, crawls out. "Dammit! I got a sign wrong again..."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The New Babbage Elections

Shaunathon Sprocket, exiting Mayor of New Babbage, has declared a mayorial election that is shaping up to be the spectator sport of the season. Here is the short version:

IF YOU WANT TO RUN: If you are elected, and I receive payment in full (the selling price of $6000 USD). I will provide a "change of power" period where I'll make sure you have all the items, contacts, and permissions so that you can run New Babbage.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOTE: You must be a New Babbage landholder with a positive number of days remaining in the rental board by January 25th. The size of your parcel or number of parcels you own does not matter. You simply must own a parcel of land by Jan. 25th. If I am not available you may do land deals through Charlene Trudeau, as she is authorized by me to sell land in New Babbage on my behalf.

Circus owner Dreddpiratebob "Bob" Streeter was first to throw his colorful hat into the ring, as leader of a coalition. Two other Babbagers, in the dictator camp, are also in serious consideration, but have yet to declare their candidacy.

The Europans were seen building an new consulate office near the train station yesterday in the Palisades. This morning, in a stunning maneuver, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach has declared his intention to stand for mayor.

I would refer you to the excellent Journal of Dr. Darien Mason for his inimitable commentary as the story develops.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just when you thought you were safely relocated

New Babbage is up for sale.