Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loki Eliot at Armada

Young master Loki turns his machinimatic eye on Armada Breakaway. Very clever camera work during the ship battle!

Sorry I did not catch this one sooner.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's all fun and games 'til someone calls their lawyer

Consider Steelhead. Nestled on the Oregon coast, it boasts pristine blue sky, towering redwood trees, and is run by the tallest elf on the grid.

Now consider New Babbage. Somewhere on the edge of a cold northern sea, known for its sooty grey skies, belching smokestacks, and is run by the shortest elf on the grid.

A while back there was a harmless bit of roleplay in New Babbage. It seems the evil mustache twirler Dr. Obolensky hired some sky pirates to carpet bomb the city with "reality enforcement devices." The citizens scrambled, the people of magical heritage got headaches, the pirates were captured, interrogated and run out of town. Nice weekend rp, end of story, right?


What happened next became an international incident. With Lawyers.

Miss Eugenia Burton, a djinn of Steelhead, mysteriously stripped of supernatural powers from the incident, called her lawyer. Click through the following to read the details:

Miss Burton solicits the citizenry of New Babbage for injured parties. Some tension as she comes face to face with the practiced poker face of the NB roleplayer.

Forrelle Brook, a rl law professor, writes up a complaint in legalese.

Magdalena Kamenev is recruited to serve papers to Dr. Obolensky at the Steamfitters ball.

The citizens of New Babbage and Steelhead respond, each in their own distinct civic voice.

Dr. Obolensky replies to the charges.

Will Doc O be extridited to Steelhead?
Is this case actually going to go to trial?
What about the elves?
Tune in to the New Babbage and Steelhead Ning watch how this story develops.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sally-Ann Fail

Suppose I ask you to do me a favor.

Now, it seems to me that I would be quite unreasonable to assume that you knew the names of my alts, in order to extend the favor to them also.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Armada Breakaway to host Egg Hunt Easter Sunday

Armada hold first all hands meeting

It has been a month since the strange ragged flotilla-city of Armada appeared in the void southeast of the Vernian Sea, and it has become a build like no other. Today saw the Four call together their first all hands meeting, a real milestone. Click through for more photos of the meeting. Armada is home to pirates, urchins, a robust mer community, and an eerie group of surgically altered denizens known as the Remade.

Tomorrow will see an Egg Hunt in its narrow jumbled corridors and even down to the sea floor. Baskets and prizes will be provided, and if the people of Armada are anything like the people of New Babbage, the prizes could be quite generous.

You should go.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Build Contest - Sundials

New Babbage seems to be very fond of building contests. For April, the item is a sundial or other type of celestial clock. Judging will be prior to the Evolutionary Ball on April 25th at Piermont Landing, southwest Wheatstone Waterways. Contact Breezy Carver inworld for information on how to enter and place your clock. Cash prizes to be announced.

Clicky through to Ning page

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Loki's latest

Another kino released today from young master Loki. Enjoy.