Sunday, February 8, 2009

A most scandalous portrait

While going through the morning mail, I found a most shocking daguerrotype of a young woman who had covered herself in equations, and nothing else. Obviously, the deluded young creature must have been attempting a ploy to gain Mayor Tenk's attention, as it is known that I conduct his business while he is at his maths.

Mr. Tenk, in his wisdom, told me frame it and send it to Caledon as a gift of friendship from New Babbage.


Gabrielle Riel said...

The shocking portrait is now in residence at The Bashful Peacock in Caledon Wellsian.

The crowd at yesterday's Palm Court Tea Dance was abuzz about it. Who is the artist? Who is the model? I concluded she must be a very immodest woman to show herself in such a scandalous manner.

And while everyone present felt it was a wonderful gesture on Mr. Tenk's part, we were a bit baffled as to its meaning.

A mystery. Perhaps we will never know.

Galactic Baroque said...

"we were a bit baffled as to its meaning."

math is like that, eh?