Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The New Babbage Elections

Shaunathon Sprocket, exiting Mayor of New Babbage, has declared a mayorial election that is shaping up to be the spectator sport of the season. Here is the short version:

IF YOU WANT TO RUN: If you are elected, and I receive payment in full (the selling price of $6000 USD). I will provide a "change of power" period where I'll make sure you have all the items, contacts, and permissions so that you can run New Babbage.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOTE: You must be a New Babbage landholder with a positive number of days remaining in the rental board by January 25th. The size of your parcel or number of parcels you own does not matter. You simply must own a parcel of land by Jan. 25th. If I am not available you may do land deals through Charlene Trudeau, as she is authorized by me to sell land in New Babbage on my behalf.

Circus owner Dreddpiratebob "Bob" Streeter was first to throw his colorful hat into the ring, as leader of a coalition. Two other Babbagers, in the dictator camp, are also in serious consideration, but have yet to declare their candidacy.

The Europans were seen building an new consulate office near the train station yesterday in the Palisades. This morning, in a stunning maneuver, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach has declared his intention to stand for mayor.

I would refer you to the excellent Journal of Dr. Darien Mason for his inimitable commentary as the story develops.