Friday, November 6, 2009

Announcing the New Babbage News Digest

At the promptings of Mr. Tenk to make myself useful, I've taken the wiki project up.

The Task: turn the bewildering swirl of storytelling in New Babbage into one continuous story.

I fully sympathize with those who choose not to read the Ning or sift through twitters and bloggers.

Sadly, it is the nature of our environment that only a handful of people may participate or witness events that are of interest to a much larger group of people. When the stories are good, the events are buried in the Ning as fast as they are posted, and a person who is a away for even a few days can completely loose track of a story he was following.

I will not pretend to be interested in all of your stories, some are so far outside of my interests that I have trouble reading the entries. I would hope people would get into the habit of updating signifigant events, even with a simple line item statement of an event which happened in world that was interesting or propels a plot. If you have used the blogs or forums to further flesh out the event, if you would be so good as to include a link to further reading, we would all appreciate it.

The Current Events page of the Wiki is now organized into a news digest so everyone may read it without the onerous task of mining the Ning. Tenk spent a couple hours indexing the past week of blogs, the volume was more than he expected. Hopefully others will follow up with maintaining their stories on the News Digest.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Excellent - I shall add it to my never endling reading list :)