Monday, February 2, 2009

In which we pause to geek

Snippet of conversation overheard this morning.

[6:09]yep. i gave him the BEST name i had, and he goes and becomes a poncy useless dandy with it. he was supposed to be a sullen space pirate. what the heck happened to him?
[6:10] hahaha but he can be a dandy and a hero! they all are!
[6:16] Hmm. curious. i appear to be the dwarf engineer, the best friend character. never really thought of that before.
[6:17] i shall refrain from psychological revue of that statement :)
[6:18] ah, go ahead. i'm geeking now
[6:19] heheh you sooo wanted to be there beside the captain, but your inner self doubts you could be the captain, or has more sense than want the responsibilty... Mr Mayor :D
[6:19] *grin* oooh, you're good!
[6:20] the dwarf built his life's dream, the mighty space cruiser Arcadia, but he needed a captain for her.
[6:20] oh really?
[6:20] so he found a disgraced star captain in a skid row bar
[6:21] ah no way!
[6:21] way! its a great story
[6:21] so the engineer is the true hero?
[6:21] he gets killed eventually, but becomes the alpha geek when he manages to upload his soul into the ship's mainframe
[6:21] oh man i'm going to have to torrent all this

Um, damn. I guess so. I've never denied being an alt.