Monday, September 15, 2008

Stepping Out in New Babbage

Stepping Out, originally uploaded by galacticbaroque.

After bearing through another cutting remark by Frau Lowey about my lack of blogging, it is probably best if I rely on my snapshots, and as I am a visual person that is a lot easier than the burden of writing.

Babbage Square is where I pretend to build from time to time, which I do rarely as the mindset required distracts from my studies. I like how it is taking shape, although its not exactly in the English Industrial theme. The land belongs to a good and generous friend who, as he puts it, has a habit of "collecting strays" inworld and out. He thinks letting various people build on his lands gives them a lived in look.

The Engineers Ball was a smashing success, although I was unable to claim my dance with Captain Red, who succumbed to lag. Baron Wulfenbach and Miss Delilah Nephilim were chosen best dressed, and many famous faces were in attendance, including Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Mr. Dorian Grey. Please click through for more photographs.