Friday, October 31, 2008

Belated blogging

It has been a very different week in SL, ever since Linden Labs announced its proposed rate hikes on open space sims. Their timing could not have been worse. I've been under alt all week, because it is times like these that people need their clowns.

Guvnah Shang has shown remarkable calm leadership among in 19th Century nations, while "continental types" rioted and waved flags of protest on Nautilus, various infohubs, and Linden Village. I am a poor writer, so I would refer you to Hotspur O'Toole's excellent remarks, as we appear to be of similar mind.

Meanwhile, Linden Labs appears to be reconsidering its position.

One blog called for a user walk out today. Even if this were possible (!) and we could pull the needles from our collective forearms (on a Friday!), I think this is a fairly pointless gesture, as it only hurts the residents.But, former space pirate that I am, am easily swayed by such gestures, however futile. I won't be logging in today.

It's Halloween, people. The holiday we geeks do best.

Turn off the computer and go have some fun.

With your other neighbors.